Old Wounds, N. K. Smith

Review by Lara Moore Reviews

A Touching Story

Old Wound is a beautiful narration of two young people, Elliot and Sophie, attending high school. Their lives are joined by similar wounds. As time goes on, they develop a special and unique friendship. The tone of the book is peaceful, captivating and full of action.

The author did a great job of bringing readers in the minds of the two main characters. This is a sweet psychologically minded story.

Throughout the book, I wanted to know the outcome. I was a little disappointed not to find out or at least to come to some resolution.  Perhaps the author wanted to keep the suspense for the next book?  As I was finishing,  I  wondered, if it might be too much, to ask readers, to read another book. I suppose winters are long in the Midwest!

All in all, I think the author is a sensitive and talented writer. I loved the subject and the characters. Well done!


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