Your Doctor is Not In” by Jane Orient M.D.

Publisher review:

“In this provocative book, Dr. Jane Orient, who has been called “a brilliant, committed physician, a leader in medicine,” argues for solutions to the crisis in medicine that are bold, thoughtful, and fundamentally opposed to those being widely touted today-including “managed care” systems. From her perspective, there is already too much government involvement in medicine, too much regulation, too much insurance-which is actually prepayment in disguise. These are the root causes of the accelerating rise in fees and costs, the neglect of patients, and stagnation in the science of medicine itself. This book is certain to add fresh energy to the debate over the quality and availability of medical care in America.”

This book represents a phenomenal amount of research and thought-provoking ideas for anyone involved in legislation or medicine. It is not intended as a solution book but presents well some of the ills of our health-care crisis.  The question remains, can we go back to a simpler approach?

In this book, Dr. Orient devotes a full chapter on the disciplinary issues and excesses by authorities poisoning the medical profession and causing our shortages.


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