A Monster Chase, by Marion Stahl

A phenomenal story of justice gone wild. This is a fiction but rings true of battles doctors may be exposed to today. Why is it not discussed? Are doctors silenced by our justice system? The book is interesting and reveals aspects of our Health Care I did not know about. I strongly recommend this book.

Publisher’s Review:

“A little girl dies in an emergency room, waiting for a doctor to see her. A young pregnant woman, mother of two is confronted by the fact that she cannot find a doctor and decides to investigate the disappearance of her former physician. Her search will have her be navigated a complicated maze that will unravel a shocking reality. While enjoying an easy read, this book touches on Health Care, Civil Rights, the United States legal system and on being a doctor in this day and age. Author Marion Stahl brings a very different and fresh perspective on a difficult situation.”

For Reviews , Author Interview.  Buy the book

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